Year: 2023 - Latest

2023 | Where to take your dog in Europe

Europe is an incredible continent full of diverse landscapes, rich and varied history and a huge range of different foods and cuisines. With so many languages to navigate it can feel pretty daunting, but rest assured that the language of dog-love is universal! Make sure you’ve checked all the rules and requirements for each individual…

Jul 21 2023

2023 | How can I make my pet comfortable when travelling?

Travelling with pets can be a fun and exciting experience. Going on an adventure together, whether that’s exploring a new town, taking a holiday or summiting a remote mountain, can be a rich and rewarding bonding experience. While safety should be your top priority, comfort comes a close second. Whether you are transporting pets by…

Jun 7 2023

2023 | Study shows pets are beneficial to older owners

It’s no secret that our pets can make us happier and fitter. But could they also be keeping our brains healthier too? A new study conducted by researchers in America looked at pet ownership in old age. The results have revealed that having a pet as you grow older may help to slow cognitive decline….

May 20 2023

2023 | Why does my dog roll in smelly things?

Dogs have many quirky behaviours, it’s one of the things that make them so endearing. But one of the most baffling, is their desire to roll around in things that smell awful. From rubbish to animal waste, dogs seem to take great pleasure in rubbing themselves all over the most pungent substances they can find….

Apr 22 2023

2023 | How to make moving with a dog a stress-free experience

Moving house is an exciting time for a family. It signals fresh starts, new beginnings and opens a new chapter of your life. But if you’ve got pets, you might be getting a sinking feeling about the whole thing. Moving with a dog doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Dogs are creatures of habit,…

Mar 25 2023

2023 | Taking a cat to America from the UK: A guide for pet owners

Moving with a pet can be a daunting task. However, our experienced pet transportation team organises around 150-180 flights for pets per month, so you can rest assured that your four-legged friend is in good hands. It’s why we’re one of the top pet couriers UK. North America is one of our most popular destinations…

Feb 25 2023

2023 | Where to take your dog in Geneva, Switzerland

Home to some of the world’s biggest companies and financial institutions, Geneva is a city paved in gold. A place of beautiful architecture, sitting on the glistening edge of Lake Geneva, this is a city of dog lovers. A lot of luxury hotels allow pets to stay. Travelling with dogs is also fairly simple as…

Jan 24 2023