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Mexico lies at the southernmost point of North America. Best known for its hot temperatures, averaging 20-24 degrees in the winter. As well as hot temperatures there are also historical monuments, such as Chichen Itza, and the beautiful coastal resort of Tulum to take note of. It’s no wonder you’re considering a move to Mexico! Of course, you cannot make the move without your pets, keep reading to learn more about moving pets to Mexico.

Mexico Pet Travel

Moving your pet to Mexico is quite easy if you have a dog or a cat. However, they do not consider other animal types, such as birds and reptiles, as pets so that makes the process a bit more complicated in those cases.

If you are looking to move your dog or cat to Mexico, there is a limit. One person can only import 2 pets. As a couple you could import up to 4, but more than 3 incurs an additional charge.

Before travelling to Mexico with your pet there are several forms that will need completing. Leaving the UK you will need a completed Export Health Certificate (EHC), this confirms that all the health requirement for Mexico have been met. The team at Petair UK can manage all of these aspects for you.

You will also need to provide evidence that your pet has received a rabies vaccine a minimum of 15 days before your pet’s arrival in Mexico and not more than 12 months. Dogs need their full regular vaccinations at least 15 days before travel and not more than 12 months. This evidence should include date of vaccine, expiry date, product name and lot number. Your vet will be able to provide this.

Pets have to have been resident in UK for 6 months before the flight date.

At time of writing, there is a direct flight from London to Mexico City with BA, but it lands after customs closing time in Mexico, so the pets would have to stay in their crates overnight. So we use an indirect flight with either Iberia, Aero Mexico or United (depending on who flies the route) so that the pets land in normal hours.


Once you and your pet arrive in Mexico, your pet will be required to have a physical inspection and clear customs and veterinary inspection. This is to confirm that your pet is in good health. Unlike other locations, as long as your pet is in good health, there is no quarantine period. On landing in Mexico it is very strongly advised (nearly mandatory) to use an agent to help clear your pets on landing. At Petair we can recommend an agent to help you or we can work with your own agent. Clearing pets in Mexico can be tricky and so the agent will be used to this process, so will be best placed to look after your pets perfectly. The agent can either reunite you and your pets at the airport or can take the pet to your home in Mexico.


If you are looking to move your pet to Mexico, then contact us today. We have flown over 12,000 pets worldwide and have extensive experience in completing the required paperwork to ensure your journey goes smoothly.

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