How to make moving with a dog a stress-free experience

Moving house is an exciting time for a family. It signals fresh starts, new beginnings and opens a new chapter of your life. But if you’ve got pets, you might be getting a sinking feeling about the whole thing. Moving with a dog doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Dogs are creatures of habit, and moving to a new environment can be disorientating and overwhelming for them. However, with enough patience and proper planning, you’ll find that moving pets isn’t as hard as it seems. Here’s our breakdown of ways you can make moving with a pet less stressful.

Start preparations early

Preparing for your move well in advance can make a big difference. Start by packing up non-essential items and decluttering your home. This will help your dog slowly get used to the idea of change. You can also start introducing your dog to some of the moving supplies that you might need. Gradually build up the presence of bubble wrap, boxes and packing tape so that they can get comfortable with all the new and unfamiliar items appearing in the house.

Arrange dog transport services

Find a reputable and trusted pet transport service that you can use on the day. Start getting them to used to the travel crate or carrier you’ll be using on moving day. You could even take your dog for a short drive in the car in their new carrier to help get them familiar with it. If you’re flying with a dog, make sure you check that you have all the necessary documentation and equipment. We can help with that!

moving with a dog
Keep them away from the chaos

When moving day comes, find a nice, quiet spot for your dog to rest in their crate until the animal transport services arrives. Make sure they have access to water and their favourite toys. Be sure to take them out for a walk so they can run off any additional nervous energy they may have.

At the new house

Once you arrive at the new house, your dog will likely need some time to adjust. Choose a quiet, calm time for you to show them around your new home. Give them plenty of time to sniff and explore at their own pace. Decide where you want to set up their bed, food and water and leave their favourite toys or blankets that smell familiar. 

Stick to a routine

After you’ve moved, it’s important to get back into your routine as soon as possible. Stick to your regular feeding and exercise schedule as closely as possible and introduce any necessary changes slowly. 

Moving with a dog can be a challenging experience, but with planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. By keeping your dog’s routine consistent, introducing them to any changes early and making sure they feel loved and comforted along the way, you can make the transition easier for your furry friend.

Sat Mar 25 2023