Brazil has a lot to offer for those of you wishing to move to the area. One third of the world’s species can be found in the country. There is a huge amount of cultural diversity, with people from all over the world making Brazil their home. With vibrant festivals, beautiful beaches and amazing scenery it could be the perfect new home for you and your pet.


Brazil Pet Import

For pet entry into Brazil your pet needs to have up to date rabies vaccinations at least 30 days before the flight and no more than 11 months and a certificate of health issued by a government vet within 72 hours of the flight.

Your pet will need to have a vaccination certificate to confirm that they have had a rabies vaccine. This vaccination needs to be valid for at least a year.

On arrival in Brazil, pets attract very large customs fees. Unless you are a returning Brazilian national or you have a work visa to work in Brazil. You are very highly advised to use the services of an agent in Brazil, who will be able to advise and negotiate these customs fees down as far as possible, but also negotiate the clearance of your pet as quickly as possible. At Petair UK. We work with agents all over the world and we can advise an agent for you or we can work with your own agent.


If you are looking to move your pet to Brazil, then contact us today. We have flown over 15,000 pets worldwide and have extensive experience in completing the required paperwork to ensure your journey goes smoothly.

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