Many people take their pets to India, but as with every country, India has strict guidelines and regulations for any pet coming entering. At PetAir UK, we have ample experience in India pet travel and can assist you with every step of the process.

The main airline for transporting pets to India from the UK is British Airways.

We mentioned that the country has strict rules and regulations to be followed when transporting your pets from the UK. First off, you are only allowed to bring up to one pet per person with you from the UK. Your pets must have a signed health certificate showing their up-to-date vaccinations and especially a rabies vaccine. Your pet must be microchipped.

The pre travel veterinary requirements are quite particular for India pet travel. An official veterinarian in UK needs to complete a pre certificate around 5-7 days before the flight from the UK to India. This then needs to go to the Indian authorities (usually via an agent on the ground) who will then issue an NOC (No Objection Certificate) – which is the Indian version of an import permit. Then the pets must have another vet check within 48 hours of the flight date and final export paperwork completed and it is this paperwork which travels with the pets.

On entering to India from the UK, your pets may have to quarantine for 14 days depending on your pet’s health. However, if all the pre-requisites have been met then you will be asked to home quarantine instead. Quarantine is an unlikely occurrence when you transport your pets with a professional agent.

The airline is very particular on the crate/kennel size you transport your pets in. The crate must be soft and ventilated, but not exceeding a certain size. If being transported in the cabin, the crate must not weigh more than 5kg, but this can be exceeded in the hold. The crate must have an absorbent pad inside and the crate be labelled with the pet’s name.

This amount of information can be overwhelming for pet owners when looking to transport their pets to India from the UK. But PetAir are here to help you with every step of the journey for your India pet travel. We can take care of getting the correct paperwork, securing the best flight routes and working with the agent in India.

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