Australasia, and Australia specifically, is one of our most common destinations to fly pets to and this is closely followed by New Zealand. The safe and correct execution of travelling pets to these nations is tricky and complicated and has many potential pitfalls.

Most countries in Australasia and Oceania are rabies free, which means they require that the pets in UK have pre travel rabies vaccinations and pre travel rabies blood sample and then an extensive wait before they will be allowed into the country. The pets need import permits and export paperwork and a complex timing of pre travel blood samples. All of which is designed to preserve the biosecurity of the receiving nation.

The network of flights we have from UK to Australasia and Oceania are slightly limited, but the airlines we use are excellent at flying pets. But they all require a stopover – usually in Singapore.

If you require more information on pet travel to Australasia, then please do look at the relevant page and if you have any further questions then we will be very happy to help and advise. Or get a free quote online here.