Africa is a reasonably common continent to fly dogs and cats to. The most common African countries are: South Africa, Egypt and Ghana, but we can also fly pets to pretty much each African country. The tricky part is that they all have their own individual rules and regulations for correct entry.

Generally for pet travel to Africa, the dogs and cats will be able to travel on a direct flight from UK to their final country of destination. And where there is no direct flight we can work with you to discover the best indirect route. The best route will be a combination of a route which has good connection times, safe and comfortable facilities for stopover and, most importantly, the receiving country is happy for pets to transit.

Some African nations require pre-travel blood samples, import permits or legalisation of the UK produced veterinary documents by the embassy in UK before travel. And this differs from nation to nation.

There are a number of steps to consider for pet travel to Africa. If you require more information for a particular destination, then please click the link and if the destination is not listed then you are very welcome to contact us by phone or email for more details.

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