Whether you’re taking your cat on holiday or you’re moving to the USA, there is a lot of planning (and possible stress!) involved to be able to bring your cat on the plane with you. Luckily, the USA is one of the most popular locations that we help fly cats to.

Throughout our years of service, it’s always great to see so many happy customers who were once anxious at the thought of their cat travelling by plane, but with our help and expert team, have been put at ease. We strive to make your cat(s) as relaxed as possible during their flight as we know it can be difficult for them. Each crate built for a cat is custom made, perfectly fitting the size of them so that they have the perfect amount of room in order to be comfortable.

The only mandatory requirement in order for your cat to travel to the USA, is that they must have a health check to ensure they are healthy enough to fly. However, we also strongly recommend that your cat gets vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before they go to the USA. Some states require proof of a valid rabies vaccination, others can be slightly more relaxed. However, if the cat doesn’t have a rabies vaccination, then the owner would need to sign a confinement agreement which means your cat would be kept away from other animals for a minimum of 30 days after a rabies vaccination.

Owned and run by vets, with a lot of our staff being veterinary trained or qualified vet nurses, our team is full of experts. We also have the most fantastic senior flight booking team, where each member is responsible for taking care of the journeys for a different part of the world. Our respect and love for cats (and all pets for that matter!) is what we believe really makes us the best available service around.

The vast majority of cats who fly to the USA are pets, and so they are deemed as non-commercial. A kitten really ought to be 4 months or older when they enter USA so that they can have a rabies vaccination at 3 months old and then wait for the month after the vaccination. Kittens for resale are deemed commercial imports, so they need import permits and have slightly different rules. If you have any questions about the entry of your cat to the USA, then please do ask us or you can email the CDC.

Many people think that the rules for import are set by individual states, but that’s not really the case. The CDC sets the rules and the states have their own anomalies, for example Florida insists on a rabies vaccination and California will not let ferrets in!

PetAir UK can help and advise on all aspects of USA cat travel and PetAir can complete the veterinary work to ensure compliant entry. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help at all with planning your pet’s journey. Alternatively, you can more details about flying your cat to the USA by completing our online ‘Get a Quote’ form.